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Practical Christian
 Worker Certificate  

Three Year 
Course of Study for:


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Item Name: One Year of Three 
School of Ministry

Item Number: 00000004
Price: $209.95

To attend classes at Amazing Grace's church facility with instructor Pastor John Doonan no charge for church members in good standing .  

Non church members $209.95 per year

Amazing Grace School of Ministry
Receive Your Certificate for 
Practical Christian Worker upon graduation

Join us in this exciting Study of God's Word

Three Volume Bible Course

Complete the classes at your own pace with the Correspondence Course..  

Each part includes lesson outlines and cassette tapes or MP3 CDs. (approx. 35, 90 minute teachings per class in each volume.)  Each volume shipped after the completion of the previous volume.  Each volume is $209.95 due before shipment is made.   Download the classes right over the internet to save.

We do offer the School of Ministry through correspondence.  The course has three parts. Many are taking the bible course around the world. Some mail their homework and some email it back.  Most finish the course in less than three years as they do not take summer breaks and work at a faster pace.


Call us or send check or money order to 
4051 Valley Dr
Pueblo, CO 81008
Phone 719-569-7398
Fax  708-234-7099

Brief Course Description

Volume One 

The Word of God
How man  may glorify God  
The Scriptures principally teach
What is God 
Persons of the Godhead 
The decrees of God 
The work of creation
How did God create man
God's works of providence
The state we were created
What is sin
Mankind's fall
Who is the Redeemer
How did Christ become man
What offices does Christ execute 
The office of a prophet
the office of a priest
the office of a king
Christ's humiliation
 Christ's exaltation 
Partakers of the redemption purchased by Christ
How does the Spirit apply to us the redemption
The effectual calling
What benefits do believers partake of in this life

Volume Two

What is justification 
What is adoption 
What is sanctification 
What benefits from Christ at their death
What benefits from Christ at the resurrection
The wicked at their death 
The wicked at the day of judgment 
God's rule of his obedience 
The ten commandments 
Is any man able to keep the commandments of God
What does every sin deserve 
How may we escape God's wrath and curse due to us for sin  
What is faith in Jesus Christ 
What is repentance to life 
The Holy Spirit communicates the benefits of redemption
The Word made effectual to salvation 
What is baptism 
What is the Lord's Supper 
What is meant by the words, "until he come,"

Volume Three


Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Daniel's Prophecies
Daniel's 70th Week
The Rapture
The Church's Prophecies
The Tribulation

Church Government
The Armor Bearer
The Local Church's Purpose

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